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Welcome to GIG as a Free Member

Free membership allows you to spend time investigating whether the Generational Inheritance Group (GIG) will be useful, to you and your family, by helping you understand and grow generational wealth.
Please feel free to use all the resources available to you on our website.

Enjoy Your Journey

Complete the online training

Grow your Generational Mindset and decide whether you want to become the founding member of your family dynasty.
Find out about he multiplier effect of money using the Loan Link Share option available through GIG Co-operative Financial Institute (CFI).

Get the online training

Introduce 3 friends as soon as possible

Using what you have learnt to date, introduce 3 friends to GIG Institute and work through the GIG Journey with them.
Having friends along for the journey makes it feel a lot shorter, more fun and you learn more by teaching.

Send your friends the GIG Institute link

Time to become a paid member

After discussion with a qualified GIG Wealth Coach, get the benefits of access to the GIG Co-operative Financial Institution (CFI) by completing the paid membership application form.
Choose between a Basic Membership of R 60.00 per month, or add funeral cover for your family with a Wealth Builder Membership at R 120.00 per month.

Get access to CFI Products

Why You Should Consider Paid membership

A few of the benefits you may want to consider

Use the CFI products

Do you want to start a business venture in your GIG Club that needs a financial institution.
From interest free loans (Loan Link Share), peer-to-peer borrowing and investing, savings accounts and group loans, there are many products to choose from.

See the CFI products

Products, services and skills offered to GIG members

We have an e-commerce platform that allows vendors to offer their products, services or skills to GIG members.
If you have a product, service or skill you would like us to consider, please click on the link below.

Buy or Sell products, services or skills

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