Paid Membership


Paid Member Journey

The Shortcut

Time to become a paid member

After discussion with a qualified GIG Wealth Coach, get the benefits of access to the GIG Co-operative Financial Institution (CFI) by completing the paid membership application form.
Choose between a Basic Membership of R 70.00 per month, or add funeral cover for your family with a Wealth Builder Membership at R 140.00 per month.

The Generational Journey

From Struggle to Significance

14 Lessons          Free

Generational Goal Setting

Know where you are going

26 Lessons          Free

Generational Budgeting

Making sure you get there

18 Lessons          Free

Use the CFI products

Do you want to start a business venture in your GIG Club that needs a financial institution.
From interest free loans (Loan Link Share), peer-to-peer borrowing and investing, savings accounts and group loans, there are many products to choose from.

See the CFI products

The 4 S’s

The stages from Struggle to Stability to Success and to Significance and the phases that move you from one stage to the next.

We have created a questionnaire, that addresses each of the phases, to help you think through the items that will help you move through the stages.

Please go to, and complete, the questionnaire by clicking on the link below –

The Self Assessment Questionnaire

Create Your
12 Month Action Plan

Creating your 12 month action plan is the purpose of the Self assessment.

It is essential that you complete it and share it with your Legacy Coach.

To update your plan, similar to the diagram, please do the following –

  1. Go to Google Keep.
  2. Update your action plan (clearly stating your name on the plan and having at least one item per month).
  3. Set up a monthly recurring reminder on the note.
  4. Share the note with your Legacy Coach (there is a collaboration icon at the bottom of the note).

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